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Amazing argan oil!

Amazing argan oil! Rich and luxurious, makes my frizzy hair so shiny and healthy looking!

- Randi

I love HairGia’s Polish Drops.

I love HairGia’s Polish Drops. Really helps me beat frizz, which is tough with my fine, highlighted hair. It’s not too heavy, yet does the trick. ❤️

- Nancy

Excellent product!

Excellent product! I have searched high and low for a shampoo that helps with seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. I’ve tried products based in ketoconazole, salicylic acid, coal tar, you name it. I’m sensitive to sulfates, which most of these shampoos use as a foaming agent, so they usually make the condition worse.

- Nate

I love it too…

I love it too…Hair is thickening and has more volume that holds. I’m grateful for the natural ingredients.

- Dorene

It is amazing.

I used this shampoo after I highlighted my hair to an almost white blonde and it is amazing. I have never seen a brassy or yellow tone in my hair since using this product. It’s not harsh at all and each time after I wash my hair with it I notice my color is enhanced.

- Nicole