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The HairGia Commitment

Here at HairGia, we are committed to producing only the highest quality hair products rich in natural botanicals that support strong, healthy hair. Using only the finest ingredients, and with a strong knowledge of the make-up of hair and what it needs to be healthy, the HairGia family produces hair care products that are good for your hair and the environment. Each and every HairGia hair product is personally tested by the members of the HairGia family to ensure quality and results.

Healthy Hair

Hair is made up of 88% protein, 2-4% essential fatty acids and 10% moisture. Protein is essential for every cell and is a combination of amino acids. Molecular weight is a range of average molecular weights of a blend of protein sizes suitable to penetrate the entire hair shaft. To learn more about the make-up of strong hair, and our product ingredients, continue reading below.

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Essential Fatty Acids: Necessary for hair to have sheen. EFAs contribute to 50% of the hair’s sheen.

EDTA: ethylendiamine tetraacetic acid- a sequestering agent found in all our shampoos used to remove bid up, trace metals, impurities.

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Molecular weight is important because it is the range of the average molecular weight of a blend of protein sizes. This is important to be suitable to penetrate the entire hair shaft. The molecular weight of the protein to effectively penetrate the hair is in the range of 150-800- 2000. Anything above 2500 coats the cuticle layer only causing build up.

150mw- representing the medulla
800mw- the cortex
200mw- the cuticle layer

Each part of the hair cuticle, the cortex, and medulla will allow different weights and sizes. HairGia combines botanicals with hydrolyzed human hair keratin protein along with soy and wheat proteins. To create a unique protein mix that penetrates all parts of the hair shaft. Each with its own special features. A molecular weight is a range of average molecular weight of a blend of protein sizes. The molecular weight of HairGia’s product is in the range of 150-800-2000. The first part of the hair is the Cuticle Layer-MW 2000- the cuticle layer varies in each and every person, some with fine hair will have only a few layers where thicker coarser hair will have several cuticle layers. The cuticle external layers give the visual appearance, it is the protective layer, and provides 80% of the hair’s strength. The cuticle layer can average 3-7 layers, some 10-14 layers, with up to 16 layers.

The second part of the hair shaft is the Cortex- MW 800. This is the largest part of the hair shaft. This part of your hair is where elasticity and strength are found beneath cuticle layers. The cortex is softer and more fragile, and contains most of the protein and moisture. The center of the hair shaft is the Medulla- MW 150. This is an unstructured mass of protein, the inner most part of the hair structure. It delivers vitamins and minerals throughout your hair. The Medulla provides 50% of the hair’s sheen; the other 50% is obtained from a closed cuticle.

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pH- Power Hydrogen. pH is a measure of acidity (or alkalinity) of a solution. HairGia products are pH balanced to make your hair look its best. It gives back shine, bounce, and strength.

The pH of hair is 4.5-5.5 a pH value may fall anywhere on a scale from 0 (Strong Acid) to 14 (Alkaline), 7 being neutral.

Only opposite charges attract. pH below 7 has more positive charges than negative. Above 7 has more negative charge than positive charges.

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All hair is composed of tough fibrous proteins called, Keratins. Keratin is a protein composed of 18 different amino acids. These chains of amino acids create hair structure. Protein is a large group of molecules essential to structure. Protein is derived from the Greek meaning primary (itali). Geradus J. Mudler first recognized proteins as a unique molecule in the 1830’s.

Proteins adhere to the hair shaft to recreate the protein chain. HairGia uses the “Intercellular Adhesion System.” Intercellular the region between cells, adhesion the mutual attraction, and as well damage control system. All proteins consist of amino acids. Only 20 of the more than 80 amino acids found in nature serve as building blocks for proteins. There are 18 different amino acids found in hair. HairGia uses several proteins that have the proper molecular weight to benefit the hair structure. With the correct molecular weights and pH, damage to the hair shaft can be corrected.

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Hydrolyzed human hair keratin proteins – Crotein HKP is produced by hydrolyzing human hair down to a molecular weight of approximately 150-2000. It is a mixture of amino acids. These highly moisture biding amino acids will moisturize and take that dull look away, and because you are putting hair back into hair you will see benefits such as body, bounce, and shine. Hydrolyzed means Greek hydro water. Lysis- setting free.

Crotein HKP- from Croda Inc. – is hydrolyzed from solely pure virgin human hair. In Japan, Crotein HKP is approved by the government as a food addictive and fortifier.

Wheat Protein- Hydrotriticum WaaTM The wheat protein, a solution of wheat amino acids, also has the right molecular weight of approximately 150-2000. Again with this molecular weight it can penetrate all the layers of the hair shaft that can condition from the inside out. We use this protein because it has an enhanced powerful moisturizing ability. The increased moisture retention makes hair healthier inside and shinier outside. It will improve hair’s gloss and make your hair soft and supple. Adding shine to its healthy shiny appearance.

Hydrolyzed Soy Flower – Increases the hairs ability to retain moisture that will protect the hair from damage. Works in the cuticle layer of the hair to improve the tensile strength of the hair.

Botanicals – All the botanicals we use benefit the scalp as well as the hair. This is a natural protein that is small enough to rebuild the hair without the need for heat. Botanicals can carry nucleic and amino acids into the hair because of their low molecular weight. Each have special reason for use; such as, botanicals are plant life that is highly compatible with hair, and botanicals have a natural aroma like chamomile and rosemary.

Our rich and natural botanicals are herbs and plants. Raw botanicals are received from all over the world, must have been a wild grown in their own natural ecological and geographical environments free of ma-made chemical fertilizers. The botanicals are strictly handled and maintained to ensure superior products.

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Agrimony- an herb found in north temperate regions, it has yellow flowers and bristly fruit. Extract of Agrimonia eupatoria an herb- Provides control manageability contains vitamin B and K and iron and essential oils.

Anise- Found in Asia, Europe, and the United States; a seed from dried ripe frit, gives elasticity and strength.

Basil- The extract of the leaves and flowers of Ocimum basilicum herb gives body and bounce to lifeless hair.

Chamomile- Found all over the world. Aromatherapy scent, with white and yellow heads of flowers. The essential oil is distilled from the flower heads used for mineral content, adds control and can bring out highlights and has soothing properties.

Hawthorn- Found in central Europe and USA. Crataegus oxycanthha- a spring flowering shrub or tree. Extracted from the Hawthorn berries, makes hair fuller, silkier, and tangle free.

Aloe Vera- South African lily plant. More than 300 species. A compound expressed from the leaf of the aloe plant. Known to promote hair growth, used for amino acid content, and its soothing and moisturizing contents.

Coltsfoot Plant- Wild Ginger used for its soothing properties, adds body bounce to lifeless hair.

Ginseng- Found in United States, China, and Korea- used in orient medicine. The root the ginseng plant is used to promote healthy hair.

Hops- Derived from the carefully dried pinecone like fruit of the Hop plant grown in Europe, Asia, and North America. Hops grow in freshwater ponds and streams- used to soften the skin and scalp and adds shine.

Rosemary- Fresh aromatic flowering tops of the evergreen shrub grown in the Mediterranean. Aromatherapy helps maintain a healthy scalp, adds sheen, and helps mend split ends.

Evening Primrose- Oenothera biennis. The leaves and oil from the seed re used to help moisturize the scalp.

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  • To insure the integrity of our products we use purified water and deionized water in our products. This is more expensive but we will not risk the use of regular water as agents, chlorine and other unknown properties could interfere with the performance of our products.
  • No animal testing or animal proteins are used in our products; HairGia products are tested on our friends, children, and stylists coast to coast.
  • As the ozone is a concern our products contain no CFC’s and have a low VOC. Our products are PABA free and provide UV protection from the harmful Ultra Violet Rays.

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To show our commitment, our logo is dedicated to all the hair stylists of the world, without whom none of this would be possible. The upper part of the “g” signifies the handle of the haircutting shear; the bottom of the “g” signifies the strand of hair to which the stylists have dedicated their lives.

The “H” signifies the hair stylists’ hands: Without the two together there is nothing.

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